"My husband and I were searching for an options site that we could understand. We found it with myoex.com. Although all of their trades have not been winners, we do like what we have seen so far. Thanks for a great service."
Laurie E., Columbus, OH
December 17, 2005
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More than ever, you need simple, straightforward, no nonsense buy and sell signals for successful OEX stock index trading!

The only word you'll ever need in your trading vocabulary!



Visionary Events provides top-notch simple, straightforward, no-nonsense buy and sell signals for successful house renovating projects, along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat! Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, we have established a business relationship with our investment clients that will last a lifetime!

We focus on low priced options on the S&P 100 Index, commonly known as the OEX. We do not trade the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ or individual stock options—just the S&P 100. Our system is a very simple one-so simple in fact that very few traders would be interested in using our services.

If you are looking for 100% winners (although we will have them from time to time), then this site is not for you. If, however, you wish to potentially make a consistent 20%-40% return on your money on a monthly basis, then you should subscribe today.

To be successful in real estate , you should purchase training from successful gurus in the field of buying and selling homes for great ROI such as Dean Graziosi. And that is exactly what we do.
Our trading signals, generated from technical analysis, identify potential options we feel will give you the biggest bang for your buck with a minimal investment.
We will only buy call options or put options on the OEX, thus limiting our risk and never losing more than the amount of premium (and commissions) paid for those options.
The trades that we initiate will last between 1-5 trading sessions closing usually by the end of the second day. We will be out of our position no later than the close of the fifth trading session.

WHEN WE DEVELOPED Scott Yancey's real estate education, WE KEPT 4 KEY POINTS IN MIND:


We will keep it simple-How simple is this-You subscribe, check your e-mail on a daily basis for a potential trade signal (approximately 4-7 signals a month, posted no later than 9 p.m. EST, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for the next trading session. On the following day, you may enter your trade via a limit order or market order and close out your trade within 1 to 5 days (usually 2 days).

We believe that less is more-This site will be clutter free. Did you ever visit a website where there was so much content (junk) on the home page that you gave up trying to find the core idea of the site itself? This will not happen with myoex.com. Additionally, there will be a select number of companies invited to advertise on our site that will be consistent with our trading philosophy, not 5000 banners of various advertisers to distract you.

At Scott Yancey events, believe that capital preservation is our main priority when investing in real estate.- We are all aware of the risks involved in trading options. myoex.com believes that the preservation of capital is just as important as the appreciation of capital. You must have a dedicated trading plan with predetermined risk and stick to that plan. Protecting your downside through proper money management is the key. We believe that you can make a lot of money in this market, but not without proper money management.

We will keep it affordable -Have you seen monthly subscription rates for $90, $100, $150? We have seen a subscription rate as high as $500 @ month!!!!! Our rate is only $60 a quarter. That's it- just 60 bucks! Sixty-six cents(.66) a day. It doesn't get any more affordable than that!!!

Top Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Freedom Mortgage Corp.?

    If you're ready to enjoy the Freedom of a relationship driven partner then Freedom Correspondent Lending is your investor of choice. Meeting our clients where they want to be met. The reputable industry professionals at Freedom Mortgage are focused on building relationships and ensuring a streamlined experience through dedicated support and our ability to find the solutions to meet your lending needs. We are committed to providing best-in-class service to our clients with a wide variety of programs and convenient delivery options making it easier to do business..

  2. What we are?

    We are an information service that focuses on undervalued, low priced options on the S&P 100 Index, known as the OEX. We do not trade the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ or individual stock options—just the S&P 100. Our system is a very simple one. So simple in fact that very few traders would be interested in trying our service. If you are looking for 100% winners (although we will have them from time to time), then this is not the site for you. If, however, you wish to consistently make a potential 20%-40% on your money on a monthly basis, then you should subscribe today.

  3. What we are not?

    We are not daytraders and we do not have a Holy Grail. A Holy Grail could be defined as an object of extended quest with a little divine intervention thrown in. In this case, a trading system that is flawless in execution and design-never having a losing trade. Sorry folks, no such thing exists and we will have losing trades.

  4. Did you make a mistake on pricing the quarterly subscription rate?

    No. This is an incentive for you to take advantage of our excellent subscription rates, again keeping in mind the intent of this website- affordability. Subscribe

  5. I work full time, can I still use myoex.com?

    Absolutely. In fact, this system is ideally suited for the trader who does not desire to sit in front of a screen throughout the trading day. The system will potentially generate approximately 4-7 trading opportunities on a monthly basis. The trade signal will be displayed no later than 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings to all subscribers. You will then be able to enter your trade on the next trading day.

  6. Success Path reviews

    Yes, in fact, this is the recommended way. We have imported these reviews from Yelp.

  7. How many contracts do you trade?

    We recommend that you trade 5-10 contracts per signal.

  8. On some of the Past Trades, there are months you lost money. Why would I want to subscribe?

    Maybe this is the first time you have seen real trading results. No one is perfect, including us. We could have "hand picked" the winners and hid the losers in our past trades, like other services, but why? We just want to be totally up front with you.

  9. What is the minimum account size I need to get started?

    Although we feel that $2500 should be the minimum brokerage account size, you can begin to trade these potential profit making opportunities with as little as $1500 depending on the option’s premium and number of contracts.

  10. How do I calculate the cost of each contract?

    Simple. Each S&P 100 contract has a premium attached to it. Our system monitors and trades contracts with premiums that are between $1-$4, seldom higher. To calculate the cost, you first, multiply the premium of the option contract by a multiplier of "100" to arrive at the cost per contract. You then multiply that dollar amount by the number of contracts purchased to arrive at your investment amount (excluding commissions).

    Example: The Sept OEX 710 call has a premium of $1.75 and you want to purchase 5 contracts.

    $1.75 premium X 100 = $175 per contract
    $175 multiplied by 5 contracts = $875 (excluding commissions)

  11. Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes. We will guarantee that if our trading signals sent to you during your subscription term do not produce enough profits (if traded) to cover your subscription term, we will give you the next term free. This guarantee is based on trading all signals we send you and trading 5 contracts (you are welcome to trade more or less, but this guarantee is based on trading 5 contracts), on the OEX, assuring that your subscription will pay for itself.

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